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| Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon 2018

May 17th - 20th, 2018
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WARNING: This document will affect your legal rights. Please read carefully before signing.
I recognize, understand, assume and accept all risks, dangers and hazards associated with volunteering to assist with the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon, including the Full Marathon, the Marathon Team Relay the Half Marathon, the 10KM road race, the 5KM road race and the 4KM and 2KM Youth race (the "Races") and/or any of the Pre or Post-Race events. I recognize that the Races are being conducted under the auspices of the Halifax International Marathon Society, a registered not-for-profit entity in the Province of Nova Scotia. I hereby waive and release any and all claims for any injuries, losses or damages that I may have against the Halifax International Marathon Society and its directors, officers, employees and/or agents, all Race volunteers and organizers, all sponsors and/or their agents or representatives, Halifax Regional Municipality, the Province of Nova Scotia, Trade Centre Limited, the Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission and its Commissioners, employees and/or agents, which claims in any way arise out of my volunteering with respect to the Races, including pre and post Race events. I hereby agree that any photographs, video or images taken of me by the employees, representatives or agents of the Halifax International Marathon Society during the Races or at any pre or post Race events are and shall remain the property of the Halifax International Marathon Society and may be used for any purpose without my permission and I grant the Halifax International Marathon Society and its sponsors and licensees the exclusive right to the free use of my name, my voice, and/or my picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion, or other account of this event.
I further attest that to the best of my knowledge, I am not suffering from any condition, which would prevent and/or render me unfit to work as a volunteer for this event.
I have read, fully understood and agree with the terms and conditions of this document.
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